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Julia K. West, BA, LMT

Certified Rolf Practitioner

My first experience with Rolfing was when I was roughly 10 years old. My father had just returned from The Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado and was newly certified. He was very excited and would work on anyone who came within his reach. In retrospect, I can’t say that I knew then that this is what I would want to do when I grew up, nor did I know for years to come. It was an evolution. I observed my father and met many of his clients over the years and heard amazing stories of change on many levels for each of them. I learned how important the mind/body connection was and became very interested in body work as well as human development within the realm of psychology. With this in mind, psychosomatic work seemed to be the most fitting path for me.

I am a native of St. Petersburg. I attended Humanities School of Massage Therapy and became a Licensed Massage Therapist (2000). I graduated from Eckerd College (PEL) with a B.A. degree in Human Development (2002) . After setting up an office and establishing a massage therapy practice for awhile I decided to go to Boulder, Colorado to train and become a Certified Rolf Practitioner (2006). One of the best decisions of my life. I love my work. It is so nice to be able to say this with the deepest sincerity.

My father was my mentor in work and especially in life and I miss him dearly. My wish is to carry on his legacy in the spirit that he lived and practiced; with the passion and compassion toward helping others heal.


“Trained from childhood by her father, master of the profession J. Thomas West, Julia is truly gifted in the art of Rolfing. She has the astute knowledge and intuitive grasp of physiology, the strength and sureness of touch, and the determination to help her clients that are the distinguishing marks of mastery in the making. Julia works with intense focus and nuanced skill to help every individual achieve well-being. She has helped me immeasurably and I’m sure that she can help you as well”.

Daniel White
Professor of Philosophy

“Julia has a special gift for making you feel at home and then efficiently working with you to reach your goals. I did the Ten Series and loved it! I would recommend her and Rolfing to anyone”.

Scott Rubin, D.C.
Founder, Rubin Health Center

“I came to Julia not really knowing what Rolfing was. I knew I needed something different from the things I had been trying and a colleague suggested Rolfing. I am so happy that I followed through on that recommendation and discovered this practice. Julia and I have developed a wonderful rapport and I really look forward to seeing her and receiving her work. After years of various restrictions in my body, I am finally feeling so much freer. I highly recommend seeing Julia for Rolfing”.

Patti Groves

To schedule an appointment with Julia, please call (615) 292-1400 or visit Chambul Wellness Center in office at 4301 Hillsboro Pike Suite 230 Nashville, Tennessee 37215